DEADLY!: Mbabazi To Block Museveni Nomination

Fired Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi is reported to be in final stages of blocking president Museveni’s nomination for president.

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According to our insiders, Mbabazi wants Museveni to first table his birth certificate.

We have learnt that this is part of the fresh project which Mbabazi camp wants to employ against Museveni so that the man is exposed as very aged to stand for another term.


For some time now, the issue of president Museveni’s age has become an issue in the Mbabazi camp.

This is part of the plans to have Museveni blocked.

During their alleged discussions, two options were generated.

One was that they would sue to have a court’s declaration that Museveni is ineligible for another term because before the end of next term [in case he wins], he will be 75yrs mid that term.

Therefore, this was seen as a possible avenue to ensure that Museveni doesn’t stand since this would create a constitutional crisis.

The second option was to secure Museveni’s birth certificate.

In doing so, according to insiders, Mbabazi wants to expose Museveni as a very old person who shouldn’t even waste EC’s time to be included on the ballot paper.

We were told that this birth certificate of Museveni is already in Mbabazi camp and only awaits action.

“When the two options were weighed, it was resolved that we first pursue the issue of likely constitutional crisis if Museveni gets another term but turns 75yrs. This is how someone went to court,” a source told us.

Indeed, this person might be John Alipanga who is in court pursing Museveni on this likely constitutional crisis.

And yet, the other option is still on table. We have now learnt that this second option is also soon being tabled where Museveni is going to be exposed as a liar in terms of his real age.

“They [Mbabazi camp] claim Museveni is not 70 years. He is actually 78 years old. His birth certificate is already with them and they plan to use it to block his nomination,” sources told us.

According to sources, if Museveni insists that he is not of that age, he will be subjected to a scientific test to ascertain his exact age before nomination.

“If someone’s age who died 200 years ago can be ascertained by merely using his bones, how about a living person? He [Museveni] has no escape route now. He either agrees to this test or he doesn’t go for nominations. He is old and he also knows it,” sources added.

This comes at a time when president Museveni has just celebrated his 70th birth day.

In case, this plan is pursued, it will cement allegations made two years ago by rebel NRM MPs including Theodore Sekikubo and Wilfred Niwagaba suggesting that Museveni was telling lies about his age.

In a press a press conference in members’ lounge some time back, the members dug holes into Museveni’s alleged age of 69 years by stating that he was born way back in 1938 not 1944 as he claims.

In a 10-page document they presented, they said that, the president himself has been making contradictory statements regarding his date of birth and where he was born.

They claimed that the last he talked about it he said that he was born in Mbarara hospital but their research indicated that Museveni’s name wasn’t there in the books of this hospital for all kids who were born in 1944.

“There are colonial records of children born in Mbarara hospital in the period of 1944. Where are his records from Mbarara hospital?” Ssekikubo who read the document stated and kept saying ‘we’ we’ but without revealing the backers of his group.

He said that Museveni has for sometime sought legal advice from various quarters on whether he won’t be caught up by the contradictions in his statement regarding his age.

He said that because of these two issues regarding his age, his strategists advised that through intimidation and use of dimes, he should be passed as NRM sole candidate. This is how NRM MPs were given cash to go and popularize his bid.

The group revealed that they had lined a team of lawyers to take the matter of Museveni’s age to court.

By going to court, they want block his nomination.

Here, they expect court to direct that Museveni be subjected to a carbon age test so that his exact age is confirmed.

For them, they claim he was born in 1938; seven years before his confessed 1944 birth date.

“Ugandans will not watch and are ready to challenge his machinations and the course of action will include subjecting him to a carbon age test to get an authentically confirmed birth date,” Niwagaba said.

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