V Pub Re-launches Juice FM Sponsored Old School Nite

All roads lead to Forest Mall based corporate hangout V Pub/V Lounge for re-launch of the popular Juice Fm sponsored Old School night.


According to Marketing Manager Robert Muhumuza Kazibwe, the night will also be the official launch of the much anticipated ‘Beer per Hour Nite’ where all beers will go for Shs3000 starting from 6pm but will keep changing every hour throughout the night.

The hangout’s patrons from are expected to casually dress up in old school outfits while grooving to the best of their favorite old school jams played by Juice Fm disk spinner Charles Ogen.

Juice Fm from the Red Pepper family has partnered with other corporate companies like NBS TV and Tusker Lite to make this night happen.

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