Talk Less About Power & Term Limits – M7 Cautions Burundians

President Museveni has advised people of Burundi to talk less about power and term limits if they want to prosper.


“The President advised the Burundi people that for them to be prosperous they must settle down, talk less about power and term limits but become producers for the market,” State House reported.

Museveni made the remarks  while on a two-day Burundi High Level Political Dialogue between Government, opposition political party leaders both in Parliament and outside Parliament, eminent persons who included two past Presidents of Burundi ,religious leaders, civil society organizations, chamber of commerce and industry and a cross section of other stakeholders in Bujumbara.

He also told them to put behind sectarian differences that have engulfed the country for the past three months.

“Forget your past sectarian political differences and build your country on unity, emulating your first post independence leader Prince Rwagasore who led Burundi to independence in 1961 under the UPRONA party which was a nationalist and patriotic pro- people party,” Museveni said.

Museveni also informed them that he is happy to hear from the Vice President that Government had disarmed the youth groups “who had been disturbing people with illegally acquired guns cautioning that guns must be a monopoly of the state which is accountable to the people and must only be used purposefully like a surgeon’s knife”

Museveni travelled to Bujumbura, the capital city Burundi to start peace talks with warring groups; government and opposition parties, a move aimed at calming political violence.

He was appointed by the third Emergency Summit of Head of States of East African Community on the situation in Burundi on Monday, 7th July to lead and facilitate dialogue in Burundi crisis.

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