Mbabazi, Museveni Meet Flops

President Museveni and former prime Minister have disagreed on how and when to meet in a bid that is aimed at curbing tension between the two NRM founders the coming presidential polls.

mbabazi sevo

A source privy to Amama Mbabazi that spoke on condition of anonymity told Red Pepper that the former prime who was supposed to meet a committee appointed by president yesterday forced the meeting to be rescheduled to next Friday this week.

The meeting has been organized to talk to Mbabazi over his presidential ambitions.

The source said that Mbabazi is still reluctant to meet National Resistance Movement (NRM) honchos since he envisages no breakthrough from the meetings.

“Mbabazi sees no solution from NRM… Museveni seems to be dodging Mbabazi meet. He is now sending Rugunda,” the source said

Last week, Mbabazi went to the pick nomination forms but disagreed with NRM Electoral Commission on principal.

The party electoral commission chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi demanded Amama Mbabazi to pay 10 million nomination fees before accessing NRM Primary elections regulations for 2015 which former Prime Minister rejected.

Later, Mbabazi wrote to the President in his capacity as chairman of CEC, asking him to rescind the rules that contravene every law of the land.

He is still demanding that these laws be rescinded before any other meeting with NRM top brass.

A group of youth led by Jannette Mugisha has started an online petition requesting Mbabazi to contest as an independent candidate in the 2016 presidential polls, meaning Mbabazi should leave National Resistance Movement (NRM).

This is romoured that Mbabazi is exploring an option of contesting as an independent candidate.

The youth argue that NRM party which Mbabazi helped to create is a ship which has veered off course, the rules and regulations set in place are mere obstacles to your aspirations and intended to eliminate you on technicalities

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