Kenzo Is An Upcoming Artist; I Won’t Take It Back—Bebe Cool

Just when everyone thought musicians Bebe Cool and Eddy Kenzo had buried the hatchet, the Gagamel boss came out with a shocking social media rant on Wednesday evening.

Bebe Cool
Bebe Cool

In a long post on Facebook, Bebe Cool came out to say, that calling someone an upcoming artist is not a diss, but rather a category.

“Well i want to congratulate my Ugandan brother upon his achievement in the BET but am not about to take back my word because am very sure there’s a difference between the pioneers and upcoming but both are respected and both are capable of anything,” he posted.

Confused as he always sounds, Bebe Cool mixed a rant with a request of votes which left several of his fans perplexed on what his primary intention was.

This comes shortly after he had swallowed the pride and congratulated Kenzo upon scooping the BET award, first of its kind in Uganda.

Apparently, some people think Bebe Cool should borrow a leaf from Kenzo’s strategy to solicit for votes across the country other than sitting comfortably.

On the flip side, Bebe thinks his music is good enough to earn him votes even without begging people.

“As a musician i have done my duty to do music that can get us into the MTV level of competition, and at this level, the rest depends on my country to achieve that Award,” he said.

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