If I could talk to Kony, why not Lukwago—Mao

Incumbent Democratic Party President Norbert Mao on Friday slammed embattled Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago for failure to embrace dialogue in the incessant party wrangles.

DP President Norbert Mao.
DP President Norbert Mao.

Mao while addressing the party delegates’ conference at Katomi Kingdom Resort, Wakiso on Friday said that his faction has bent over backwards in order to engage in a process of dialogue with those who disagree.

“I was a key actor in the peace process with the Lord’s Resistance Army. The result has been the silencing of the guns in Northern Uganda and the closure of the squalid concentration camps… If I could talk to Kony why would I not talk to Lukwago, Lulume and Lubega?” Mao posed.

He accused the dissenting group led by Lukwago of remaining extremely adamant and unreasonable, inciting violence leading to attacks on the party national headquarters and continued to abuse, malign and demonizing his leadership team.

“The breaking point came when the entire group gathered in Kampala last week and proclaimed Erias Lukwago to be the President of the party! They even claimed that they would hold a parallel delegates conference in Luwero,” he said.

As Mao met delegates on Friday, Lukwago travelled to Luweero with his faction where they held an open rally. Earlier attempts to reconcile the two factions proved futile.

“They (Lukwago led faction) expected us to negotiate what is none negotiable. The party had a constitution which is binding on all members. We can make compromises but we cannot go against the party constitution,” Mao told delegates.

He said that it is still possible for divergent DP factions to find a common ground.

“Today the only question is can we find common ground? Our answer is an emphatic yes! We are all DP members.”

However, Mao sent a clear message to the dissenting faction that the party won’t turn back.

“Today, we should send a clear and unequivocal message to our members. There is no turning back. We cannot give way to historical regression,” he said.

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