All My Haters Are Dense—Bebe Cool

Immediately after losing the MAMA Award, singer Bebe Cool has come out to spit more fire to the people who have been ‘jubilating’ over his loss.

Bebe Cool
Bebe Cool

In a long Facebook post on Sunday night, Bebe launched verbal artillery onto his haters, deeming them dense.

“I actually thought my haters were clever kumbe they are DENSE, I think they should have prayed to ALLAH that I win the award to allow upcoming singers to prevail and enjoy the industry without extensively strong and experienced artists like me,” part of his post reads.

In this wordy status update, Bebe meandered on various issues including the fact that he was the ‘first musician’ to be visited by a president in hospital.

It should be noted that after losing out on the award, social media went abuzz with various camps attacking Bebe for the arrogance he exuded prior to the show.

Unlike Chameleone who just kept quiet, Bebe seems not ready to let sleeping dogs lie, and another mother of wars is expected very soon.

Meanwhile at the MAMA awards ceremony, the ‘Go Mama’ hit maker was called on stage to give out an award for the best collaboration, and he nearly turned the moment into a performance.

Below is Bebe Cool’s post


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