SHOCKER!!! Aronda, Tumwebaze Haven’t Registered For Electronic Voting

Internal Affairs Minister Aronda Nyakairima and Minister for presidency and Kampala Hon. Frank Tumwebaze are some of the legislators and ministers who have not registered for electronic voting.


This was disclosed by Speaker Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga yesterday during the afternoon plenary   when she publicly read names of Members of Parliament and Ministers who are reluctant to register for electronic voting system.

Kadaga was attempting to shame by naming legislators who have not registered for electronic voting.

“I will go ahead and read names of MPs who have not registered. And MPs should be ashamed,” Kadaga was quoted by Parliament Watch and thereafter she read the names.”

Parliament Watch added; “Speaker Kadaga mentions MPs who haven’t registered for electronic voting, they include, Minister Tumwebaze and Minister Aronda.”

At least 80 legislators are yet to register for electronic voting system.

The system will keep legislators’ records regarding attendance, arrival and departure time.

It will also guarantee transparency in voting, especially on controversial issues.

Once the system is introduced, MPs will sign in with a thumb print and sign-out out the same way to register their time of arrival and departure.

Parliament was supposed to launch electronic voting system early this year but it has been postponing due to failure by legislators to register in time.

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