Sarah Amin Is Dead

Ex first lady of Uganda Sarah Amin, wife to the Late Idi Amin Dada has gone to meet her creator.

B539PM Sarah Kyolaba Amin the wife of Idi Amin former president of Uganda at work in Forest Gate London at the announcement of her husb
B539PM Sarah Kyolaba Amin the wife of Idi Amin former president of Uganda at work in Forest Gate London at the announcement of her husb

She passed away yesterday in London.

Amin Sarah Kyolaba was the fifth wife of the third President of Uganda, who ruled from 1971 to 1979.

For the past few months, Kyolaba was on cancer alert.

She has been bedridden at North Middlesex Hospital with unbearable pain in her armpits and doctors had detected a tumour “the size of a snooker ball” in her armpit.

Who is Kyolaba?

Born in 1955 a former go-go dancer, but known as ‘Suicide Sarah’, because she was a go-go dancer for the Ugandan Army’s Revolutionary Suicide Mechanized Regiment Band.

In August 1975, during the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) summit meeting in Kampala, Amin married Sarah Kyolaba, who was famously known as Suicide Sarah.


Like Madina, Sarah was a wonderful dancer with the army’s band.

It was during these dance routines that Amin noticed her. She met the notorious former ruler of Uganda in the 1970s while serving as a go-go dancer with his army’s Revolutionary Suicide Mechanized Regiment Band.

Mrs Amin, once known as Suicide Sarah, left her husband in 1982 and sought political asylum in Germany, where she spent time as a lingerie model.
Love life   

Sarah was then in love with a young man in Masaka. In 1974 and on Christmas day, she delivered a baby, not by Amin, but by the young man she lived with.

However, Amin made a radio announcement declaring the baby as his own. Sarah’s boyfriend later vanished. She and Amin were officially married in August 1975, during the Organisation of African Union summit in Kampala.  Sarah remained with Amin until he was overthrown.

In 1982 Sarah, however, left Amin in Saudi Arabia and sought refuge in Germany. By then, she had just got her third child with Amin. The son was named Faisal Wangita.

Later, Sarah moved to the UK were she started a restaurant. Known for being a tyrant, in an interview a few years ago, Sarah Amin described her husband as very loving man.

On 3 August 2007, Faisal Wangita (born in 1983), one of Amin’s sons, was convicted for playing a role in a murder in London.

Amin’s wife escapes jail for cockroach café
According to sources, the former wife of one-time Ugandan ruler Idi Amin escaped a jail sentence after pleading guilty for allowing cockroaches and mice to infest her café.

Sarah Kyolaba Amin, 44, was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £1,000 towards prosecution costs by a judge at Snaresbrook Crown Court in east London.

Sumptuous wedding

In 1975 she became his fifth wife. Their wedding banquet cost £2m and Mr Amin’s best man was the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, and then treated as an international pariah.

Her husband dubbed himself Field Marshal, King of Scotland and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa – cut the wedding cake with a sword.

His eccentric and bizarre rule lasted for eight years from 1971, during which up to 300,000 Ugandans were murdered and thousands of Ugandan Asians were expelled from the country.

Fled Uganda 20 years ago

She bore Amin a daughter, Hasafa and is believed to have fathered 43 children in total. It’s said that Sarah was the only wife who fled with him to Libya when he was toppled by Tanzanian troops in 1979.

While he ended up in Jeddah, where he lived under the protection of the Saudi Arabian Government, Kyolaba lived in London, operating a café serving African dishes such as goat stew and cow hoof in gravy.

Mrs Amin while living at Tottenham, north London, admitted seven counts under the 1990 Food Safety Act when she appeared in court. One of the charges she admitted to have failed to ensure adequate procedures to control mice and cockroaches at the restaurant.

Shocking conditions

It was found that her restaurant did not meet the required standard according to an environmental health officer from the London borough of Newham in Forest Gate on 5 November 1997. When the charges were read to her, she denied three similar charges and faced up to two years in jail.

He was so shocked by what he found that he immediately closed it down. There was no soap, towels, hot water or ventilation, and a “grey furry thing” found in one corner was later identified as a decomposing mouse.

It was allowed to reopen in December 1997 when the council issued a certificate confirming it “no longer posed an imminent risk to public health”.

Judge Deva Pillay told the smartly dressed divorcee people who committed “serial breaches” of the food safety laws usually go straight to prison.

Negligence of hygiene’

He said she was responsible for “long standing recklessness of hygiene and cleanliness” and had failed to obtain training in basic food hygiene when she took over the business in 1997.

The judge said he had decided against a custodial sentence because she had no previous convictions, had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and had taken steps to improve her responsibilities to the customer.

He said she had “drastically” improved conditions at the café.

But Judge Pillay had warned her: “If you come before me again on a breach of food safety regulations within the next two years, as night follows day, you will go to prison.”

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