Pension Scandal Boss Obey Faces Arrest

The parliamentary committee on public accounts [Pac] has issued criminal summons against former principal accountant in the ministry of public service Christopher Obey.


This man and several others still at large are badly wanted by this committee to appear and explain their role in the alleged mega swindle of pensioners’ money worth shs165bn.

The same lot of officers including the fired permanent secretary Jimmy Lwamafa are also needed in line with the ghostly payment of shs15bn to a ghost firm and also disappearance of shs88bn all meant for pensioners.

The committee’s decision to order police to arrest Obey and his group came after he failed to show up as per committee summons last week. The committee last week summoned all pension scam giants to appear but only former commissioner in charge of pensions Kiwanuka Kkunsa appeared. Lwamafa claimed that he couldn’t appear because he is allegedly on doctors’ bed rest orders.

He didn’t state the bed rest would end while Obey and his company didn’t bother even explaining their refusal to appear.

Appearing before this committee, Kkunsa who was sweating like an athlete assured the committee that in this saga of shs165bn, the best person to explain is Lwamafa and Obey.

He denied ever being involved in the payment, verification and generation of a list of pensioners who benefited on this cash.

“I put it to you that you were party to whatever took place in public service as a commissioner. There is no way as head of a whole department [compensation] could be locked out in this whole process” committee chairman Paul Mwiru assured Kkunsa who at this moment was sweating terribly. Mr. Chairman, I am going through hell. I need my job back. I am saying no. I don’t know this at all. I didn’t know there can be malice in this world,” he stated with teary eyes.

The committee tasked him to explain what really went wrong for the pensioners to lose their money.

“What went wrong is that, the system might have been abused. I have not been in office to access the auditor general’s report because I can’t access my office,” he stated.

Kkunsa however, started speaking with a ‘heavy tongue’ when the committee tasked him to reveal how the list of beneficiaries of EAC pension was generated, verified and eventually paid.

This list however, turned out to be total ghost according to the auditors.

At first, he claimed everyone was involved in the verification of this list but after through grilling, he stated that Obey Christopher and officers in the verification unit including the registry should answer.

The other officers are Joan Natuhenda, Lydia Sekabira, Doreen Onyango, and Obey

“In the shs165bn, I am totally excluded. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t see any of those files being created on the system. The principal accountant is responsible because he is the one who prepared the payment schedules,” he stated.

The committee resolved to issue summons against Obey and his group.

“We instruct police to ensure attendance of these witnesses tomorrow [today] at 10am. Police we want enforcement to bring these people here. Whether you arrest them tonight and keep them somewhere, for us we want them here,” Mwiru stated.

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