Maurice Kirya Branded Mean & Selfish

As babes were lining up with crushes on soul singer Maurice Kirya, a highly placed babe came with shocking revelations about the singer.

Maurice Kirya
Maurice Kirya

While appearing on a local based TV last Sunday, a woman only identified as Susan spilled secrets about the singer, deeming him mean.

When asked to present her top 5 hottest male personalities in the country, Susan hinted on the fact that she wouldn’t have included Maurice, but was only saved by his good looks.

“I wouldn’t have put Maurice Kirya, because he is so mean,” she told the moderator, igniting stiff debate on the show.

Apparently, some snoops think this babe could have bedded Maurice, or better still she could have been a friend to one of Kirya’s victims.

When asked to clarify on her allegations, she said Maurice is a half man who lets a woman pay her bills whenever they are on a day out.

This left so many girls heartbroken since majority of Kampala yummy girls fancy serving bearded meat to the soul singer.

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