Man Dies Of Sexual Sweetness in Kampala

A top city man eater is in police custody for bonking to death a Congolese truck driver, Red Pepper exclusively reports.

EVIDENCE-Stephen Gad Nganizi's body at the scene. Photo: Stuart Yiga
EVIDENCE-Stephen Gad Nganizi’s body at the scene. Photo: Stuart Yiga

The incident happened on Monday night in Kajjansi, along Kampala-Entebbe road.

The man eater has been identified as Diana Nassaazi and she chewed to death a Congolese truck driver, Stephen Gad Nganizi.

Police has established that driver called the woman on phone to enjoy the night together and when the sex goddess reached Kajjansi, the two lovebirds entered into Comfort Guest House, which the man had already booked ahead of their sex marathon.

Nassanga is a resident of Jinja, but as it is the case with truck drivers, she claims that when she reached Kajjansi, she met the truck driver eagerly waiting and salivating like an angry lion.

“Though he looked a bit tired, he told me to enter the lodge and when we reached inside, he undressed me and bonked me,” Nassanga said.

TIGER IN BED: Diana Nasaazi. Photo: Stuart Yiga
TIGER IN BED: Diana Nasaazi. Photo: Stuart Yiga

She added that; “After a short romance, he started inserting his erected whopper inside but in the process; he started reducing the speed at which he was hammering me.”

Since she was already on heat yet the man had started telling her he was feeling tired, she allegedly offered to be on top of him so as to climax.

In the middle of the game, Nganizi allegedly started weakening and later developed a strange cough which prompted Nassanga to contact the security guard for help.

On going back into the room, it was discovered that life of the driver had started deteriorating terribly.

In a bid to save his life, both the slut and the guard of the lodge, contacted two other boda boda riders to help them take the patient to the nearby clinic.

As they took him outside the lodge, he kicked the bucket and they quickly rushed the body back into the room where he had had sex with the slut.

“We want to find out whether the man died of natural death or he was just killed,” police said.

Being a long route driver, one day while in Jinja side, the deceased allegedly hired Nassaazi for sex and after left him with her number which he has been using to make further appointment for sex.

Police at Kajjansi has opened up a murder case reference; SD: 03/16/06/2015, against Nassaazi, two boda boda riders and the security guard, as investigation into the matter continues.

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