M7 Speaks Out On Amama Presidential Bid

President Museveni has broken silence on Amama Mbabazi’s presidential bid.

mbabazi sevo

Here are some of the highlights from his Yesterday’s speech.

Countrymen and women, the other day I addressed you about a forged document, which was circulating on social media. I hope you read the story. It was suspected that it was either authored or circulated by some people, some of whom have been arrested”

“Since the name of the Rt. Hon. Mbabazi, my young brother, has been featuring, in some of these stories, I decided to invite him, together with the Rt. Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda, for a meeting 6pm today so that I ask him whether himself or people associated with him are involved in distributing of these seditious, sectarian documents. We are due to have that meeting in one hour or so.”

“However, on my way from South Africa today, I was informed that Hon. Mbabazi put on social media another story; how he wants to present himself as flag bearer of the NRM. How he wants to compete for Presidency in the next election.”

“Well, those are his decisions and I have nothing to do with those. However, our method of work does not involve that type of conduct. Neither the party nor the Electoral Commission has announced the date for the election.”

“Therefore, I don’t think it is proper for the Rt. Hon. Mbabazi to waste your time with that premature electioneering. Those are the issues that should be handled by the party at the right time, when the Electoral Commission has arranged for that election.”

“More importantly is the substance of what Mbabazi said. He talked of working for everybody. That is what NRM has been doing”

” I salute Rt. Hon. Mbabazi for some facts have not escaped him; increased prosperity, peace…

“However, he said that the country is tired, that we are nursing a tired nation, Hon. Mbabazi has been at the centre of our system”

“Rt. Hon. Mbabazi was Minister for Security, has been in Parliament, has been Secretary General of the party, has been Prime Minister in charge of monitoring and supervising of Government programs”

“The weaknesses I have always criticized; school charges in UPE schools, corruption etc. are due to lack of supervision”

On weaknesses in NRM, President

Museveni: The Rt. Hon. Mbabazi is the one who can tell us those weaknesses. He was Secretary General for almost 10 yrs”

“Hon. Mbabazi could have used positions of Prime Minister, Secretary General, Security Min. to monitor and rectify wrongs”

“Where we have put right people like Uganda Revenue Authority and KCCA, performance has been excellent”

On provision of scholastic materials to pupils, ” I was told that a mathematical set costs UgShs 3500. Then I calculated, assuming number of children was 4 million. I said, cost of mathematical sets would be about Shs 4bn. Our budget for education was Shs2.3trillion when Rt. Hon. Mbabazi was supervising government programs”

“The Rt. Hon. Mbabazi owes you an explanation why he didn’t do that when he was Prime Minister supervising…”

” I am going to meet Hon. Mbabazi to talk about reactionary methods of work that have been used…seditious documents circulating… “

On other statements made by Rt. Hon. Mbabazi, “that is easy to answer to…..”

“If anybody should be questioned about weaknesses, Hon. Mbabazi should answer….”

” We have achieved a lot, we could have done more. When we get good cadres, we get excellent results…”

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