M7 Challenges Youth To Create Wealth

President Museveni has challenged youth to use existing ICT infrastructure development to create wealth.

wealth creation

“People should use technology especially telephones to do business and get money instead of using those gadgets all the time on non-profitable and unnecessary activities,” said Museveni.

The President said that infrastructural development is now available both in telephones on land and at sea and reminded all Ugandans that this itself does not mean wealth.

“There are now 20 million telephone lines compared to 2,800 lines in 1986. This is development, it is not necessarily wealth. Having a phone is just an instrument; use these developments to create wealth,” Museveni said

The President made the remarks while launching the Business Processing Out-Sourcing Incubation Center at the Statistics House in Kampala.

The incubation centre was first opened in September 2013. And it is established on 3rd and 4th Floors of Statistics House.

The centre is where is where budding business by Ugandans are being aided to grow.

It is aiming at attracting players from the private sector to operate from a business friendly environment at a subsidized rate.

Companies given a contract can only pay for water, electricity, salaries for their staff and telephone services. Government would then pay for rent and internet.

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