Katongole Omutongole Takes Full Doz To Delta TV

Former Bukedde TV presenter and certified sexpest Katongole Omutongole is currently smiling from ear to ear after landing a job at the newly opened Delta TV.

Katongole Omutongole
Katongole Omutongole

Latest news reaching Red Pepper online show that a promotional advert for his program is already running on Delta TV and he is soon starting work.

Apparently, this show will be called Mega Doz, a total replica of Bukedde TV’s Full Doz, the very show he used to present before being sacked.

Some snoops have come out to condemn the plagiarism in this matter, hinting on the fact that he could still have done better even without duplicating his former show.

This comes a few months after he was booted out of the industrial area-based Bukedde TV after allegedly mounting an underage girl in a guesthouse.

With his new show on the market, we are yet to see a competitive industry since some viewers tend to have resentment towards Bukedde TV‘s Flavia Namulindwa.

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