It’s Time for Peaceful Transition— Amama Tells Museveni

Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi wrote a letter to president before publicly declaring his desire to contest for presidency on Monday June 15, 2015

In a letter dated June 13, 2015, Mbabazi expressed gratitude to Mr. Museveni and stated reasons why he will contest for NRM Party Chairman and as the Flag-bearer for the National Resistance Movement for President of Uganda in the 2016 general election.

In the letter, Mbabazi stated that the new generation upon Uganda’s leaders demands three things.

“The first is an awareness of its existence and the accompanying implications therein.

The second: a willingness to engage with it as a present reality and not some far-off time in the future. The time is now for fairness; fairness in the salaries we offer teachers, doctors, nurses, and other medical workers; fairness in the salaries and allowances offered to policemen and soldiers – the men and women who sacrifice their lives to protect us; fairness for those in public service and all those Ugandans whose labour powers our economy.

The third and final demand of this new age is the competency to put in place the answers to the questions it will necessarily pose.”

Mbabazi noted that Uganda needs someone with experience to accomplish current demands.

“The change Uganda must have requires someone with the requisite ideas, energy and drive; and the experience I have acquired has given me the wherewithal needed to successfully steer this change,”

He further acknowledged that NRM the fundamental objectives it set out to achieve  peace and security, a united country, improved economic security, positive economic growth, increased provision of education; the strengthening and/or building of institutions on which democratic governance can be anchored, and the respect of the international community among others.

Coming Elections set to change the system

“The coming election is not simply about a change of leader, but about changing systems in Uganda for this generation and generations to come. We simply must join those nations where a change of guard happens regularly and through the ballot. It is time for a peaceful transition; and so I hope that all Ugandans will use the opportunity next year to cast their vote for a healthier. And more democratic Uganda where the rule of law is observed and where the identity, dignity, solidarity and productivity of her people are returned to her,” Mbabazi wrote.

He summoned up by reiterating his loyalty National Resistance Movement but also said his greatest devotion and allegiance is fixed upon Uganda and its people.

Amama letter to Museveni





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