I Was Just Using Ken Muyisa — Cindy

Despite their public displays of affection, singer Cindy Sanyu and football flop Kenneth Muyisa appear to have never been in love.

muyisa ken

While appearing on Saloon talk on Sunday night, Cindy revealed that she was just using Ken to get over her Zungu lover, Mario.

“I was just going through a hard time and needed someone to help me get over Mario,” Cindy told the show host.

Apparently, the two already broke up though they did not put it in the public eyes after parting ways.

When asked about the photo KEN Muyisa posted when they looked like they were from having a romp, Cindy revealed that it was taken longtime ago around December last year.

For the exact reasons why they broke up, Cindy revealed that it was about the business partnership at the Boss bar which did not go well.

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