Argatha Loswash Bonked Tubeless

Celebrated television queen with Kamwokya based NBS TV has confirmed the rumours that have been making rounds that she has swallowed a live leg.

Loswash has already started swelling  Photo: Elisha Muloki
Loswash has already started swelling Photo: Elisha Muloki

Loswash, who is considered to be among the most curvaceous babe in East Africa, proudly showed off her baby bump on last week during the recently concluded Man From Ombokolo comedy show at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

On arrival, the gorgeous Pundonour Magazine host tried to hide the bulging tummy in a huge black dress.

However, the dress betrayed her when she sat down by exposing the baby bump.

Sources close to Loswash reveal that the dude responsible for ballooning her is Sam Akatuhumuza, her current lover.

It however remains undisclosed how many months she is but pregnancy experts tell Red Pepper online snoops that she could be around four month heavy.

A few months back, Loswash was reported to have piled on more weight when she was snapped at an event looking much bigger.

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