NRM Diehard Composes M7 Campaign Hit

Meanwhile, in the wake of the fourth-coming 2016 general elections, there is anticipation for a lot of political drama and scenes.

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In 2011 President Yoweri Museveni in a bid to woo the youth composed a theme song titled “You want another rap??” which helped him garner massive support for him amongst the youths and it later became a hit song that enjoyed massive airplay on radio airwaves across the country.

Now an NRM Treasurer in the Makindye NRM registration centre coined a theme song for president M7 to use in 2016.

Rashid Lwanga Ssenyonjo of Kalina zone Wabigalo parish-Makindye on Sunday last week made his final touches to the hit which Museveni is expected to officially unveil to the voters next month.

The song dubbed “M7 the African Liberator, No surrender” was the highlight of the NRM registration exercise taking place in Makindye and it is supposed to be spread to the whole country.

Ssenyonjo an ardent NRM supporter claims in the song that only God can take-away M7 from the power. He adds in the song that as party fans, they would offer their lives for him to remain their sole candidate.

In his song Ssenyonjo states that President M7 is “a God-sent, and a liberator whom Ugandans have been blessed with”,

He adds that “All Ugandans should embrace the NRM leadership under president M7 if they want the country to continue to prosper”.

He goes on to say that President M7 is an “African freedom fighter, who should carry on the good-will and spirit of liberating Ugandans and the region at large in the struggle for peace and the freedom they deserve through good governance”.

He said they as ardent NRM supporters they are not bothered by claims there is in-fighting within the party.

He said Museveni and Mbabazi will resolve the battles.

He said the song is going to be taken to professional recording studios so that it starts being played on air.

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