NRM Poor Youth Arrested

At least 13 members of NRM poor youth have this morning been arrested and at the US embassy in Nsambya, Kampala where they had gathered to participate in a marathon aimed at popularizing Amama Mbabazi’s 2016 presidential bid.


“13 members of our group have been severely beaten at the US embassy Kampala,” reads the tweet on the NRM Poor Youth handle.

7members of NRM Poor Youth are being detained at Wandegeya police station while others are at Kabalagala police station.

Eyewitnesses reveal that the youth had placards with Mbabazi and Obama portraits supplemented with words; “Obama and Mbabazi, save Uganda NRM Poor Youth and the poor people of Uganda.”

Eyewitnesses further revealed that when they were intercepted by police, they tried to runaway but they were seized by police with the help of US embassy security officers.


While addressing Journalists in Kampala today, Police spokesperson Fred Enanga revealed that the youth were arrested because they defied police warnings prohibiting them to carry out their activities

“The youth defied police warnings of not carrying out their activities. They had expressed that they intended to hold activities and we had warned them on a number of occasions that they were not well planned,” roared Enanga.

Last Week on Friday, Kampala metropolitan police boss issued a strong statement and warned the public to dissociate with the marathon saying that it will be dealt with according to the law.

“The police wishes to categorically put it clear that it has not been notified of any such event as required under the public order management Act 2013 for clearance and provision of security, and the US embassy has no knowledge of the same. The police have not therefore sanctioned any event of that nature,” Isabirye said in a statement.


“This is therefore to caution members of the public against taking part in an illegal activity and warn the so called organizers against misleading members of the public” and added that; “There will be no such event and whoever purports to participate in such unlawful even will be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the country.”

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