Lion Injures Three Men in Kasese

Three people are admitted in two different health facilities in Kasese town after an attack by a stray lion from Queen Elizabeth National Park.


They are identified as Philemon Bwambale, Raymond Muhindo and Yoweri Magambo all residents of Nyakabingo II ward in Kasese Municipality.

There are mixed reports about the possible cause of the incident that occurred at Kyapa village, Nyakabingo ward II ward.

Although initial reports indicated that the three were picking cotton at the time of the attack, there are reports now indicating that the lion pursued them during a hunting routine.

However, at Kasese Hospital, Philemon Bwambale said that the lion bit him several times as he fought to save his brother Muhindo whom it had knocked down in the cotton garden. It also injured Magambo who came running to rescue them.

Joel Masereka, a clinical officer at Kasese hospital confirmed that they received two patients with injuries possibly from sharp objects and were told they were as a result of lion bites.

Masereka said that the victims are now out of danger and are responding well to medication.

The lion which had reportedly eaten livestock in Kyapa village was later killed, skinned and shared among those who participated in the hunt.

Nelson Guma, the area Manager of Queen Elizabeth Conservation area confirmed on Saturday that they received reports about the incident but fought difficulty in clarifying on the matter since no remains of the lion were found at the scene.

Guma said that after being called by the leaders in the area, a team of officers from UWA visited the scene but they found nothing to use as an exhibit.

He said the law allows anyone to kill the wild animal in self-defense if attacked and report to the authorities for further action.

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