Failed Coup At JEEMA Party Offices

The Justice Forum-JEEMA has blamed the attempted coupe at its party headquarters in Mengo this morning on a hidden hand.


A group of youths claiming to be members of the JEEMA Revolutionary Command Council raided the party offices and kicked out Asuman Odaka, the party administrator and Spokesperson Nsereko Kaggwa.

The group installed Rebecca Achom as the JEEMA acting secretary general. In a statement issued this afternoon, Omar Kalinge Nyango, the JEEMA acting secretary general says the JEEMA attackers were assisted in their evil plan by a group of so called ‘unemployed youth’.

Kalinge says that, this as a serious unprecedented attack on the tranquil environment at JEEMA and a flagrant variation of privacy of a registered political party.

He also says the party has also learnt that while all this was happening, Police that is known for its quick and brutal response to political activities was standing at a safe distance watching, giving the impression that they were indeed supporting and overseeing the attempted coup.

He says the JEEMA leadership is  still in firm control of the party as it studies the underlying factors that have led to an otherwise disciplined JEEMA youth to attempt to take over the party unlawfully.

Kalinge insists that there is only one way the party leadership can change through elections at a full term Delegate’s Conference, which is scheduled

He warns the so called JEEMA Revolutionary Command Council and in particular One Kyamundu, Achom Rebecca, Shaban Kalema Dickson Ainomugisha, the ringleaders of the attack and directs them to vacate the JEEMA premises within the next eight hours, or face the full force of the JEEMA disciplinary mechanism and the law of the land.

Kalinge also calls upon police to absolve itself from the blame and move to evacuate the rowdy youth from JEEMA Headquarters and hold them accountable for the harm they have caused to JEEMA staff and damage to property.

He says that the party leadership is consulting to find a way forward on the disturbance at its offices adding that, a press briefing is being arranged for some time tomorrow.

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