NRM Responds To Plot Blocking Delegate’s Conference

NRM lawyers led by Kiryowa Kiwanuka are combing law books to foil a petition by Uganda Catholic Lawyer’s Society seeking to block the NRM National delegate’s conference.

Recently, Catholic lawyers, led by Jude Mbabali petitioned high court to block the NRM delegate’s conference, which seeks to amend the party constitution to scrap elections of the sectary general saying it is unconstitutional.

NRM delegates are scheduled to convene at Namboole stadium on 15th December. The delegates are expected amongst things to consider a proposal to scrap the election of the NRM secretary for an elected one.

However, the catholic lawyers led by Mbabali claim that, the proposal contravenes article 71 (d) of the national constitution, which states national organs of political parties shall be regularly elected.

The petitioners also fault, NRM for using Dorothy Hyuha, the incumbent to Tanzania to convene the delegates conference. They claim that as a civil servant, Hyuha is barred by the constitution from engaging in partisan politics. However, Kiryowa says there is no way a person who does not belong to NRM can dictate on how their party should be run.

Kiryowa says there is nothing inconsistent with the law for NRM to amend its constitution.

He vowed to expose Mbabali and his group in court saying the position of secretary general isn’t an organ as envisaged in the national constitution.

On illegality of Hyuha participating in partisan politics yet she is an ambassador and therefore a civil servant, Kiryowa encouraged the catholic lawyers to revisit the principals of the law.

He also asked the petitioners to draw draw a distinction between a civil servant and public servant.

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