LK4 Confirms Zari’s Dryness

Former Big Brother flop Isaac Luggude famously known as LK4 has confirmed to the public that his ex-lover Zari Hassan, whose sex tape leaked to the media recently, is as dry as ‘mukene’


Zari, a mother of four, hooked LK4 at the MTN Arena, Lugogo in 2012 and a steamy relationship ensued.

“She used to come to Arena to watch the boys as they played basketball, shirtless, with their sweaty bodies. One day, she set her eyes on me and liked me. I also liked her and had been watching her all this while. So, when she made her intentions known, I was quick to give her what she wanted,” said Isaac.

The ex Big Brother flop then went on to say that he was shocked by how dry Zari was after their first encounter. “God, she was so dry, like a rock. I was disappointed,’’ he said

Isaac’s comment confirms that what was seen in the leaked video was not just a bad day for her but the reality about the horny socialite

“I didn’t want to talk about it from the time I found out. Am glad the truth has come out,” Isaac added.

3 thoughts on “LK4 Confirms Zari’s Dryness

  1. Its only in Uganda where frustrated men in bed blame it on the women for being dry. Let them show us the Bruises they sustained during the course of action or evidence of medical form five from Mulago Hospital causality wing where they rushed after being bruised. “The lazy one always blames the hoe and hardness of the land”

  2. LK4 you are so disgusting how can you make such wild allegations. Personally am not a funny of Zari and the likes but I believe she deserves privancy. At your age LK4 you must have fucked over 300 ladies. When are you letting us to know to know how wet or dry they were with you. Please grow up!!!!

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