Desire Leaves Men Salivating At Venom

Singer Desire is at her best game again, this time she did it live in club.


This happened on Friday 12th at the Kabalagala based club Venom as they celebrated their 3rd anniversary.

The singer hit the stage clad in skimpy black shorts which left many horny lads salivating and vowing to chew her live.


The ‘Ekitone’ singer has become one of the best selling female artists in the country at the moment.

She seems to be enjoying the fruits of nudity as she is just giving the public more of what they prefer.


The diva also posted the steamy photos of herself in the club on her official Facebook page and this left many guys imagining the singer’s curvy body.

Men were seen holding their pants as one fan was seen kneeling and begging her for some ‘Kitone’ from the diva


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