Beauty With Dryness: Describing Zari’s Skype Sextape

Ugandans now have a reason to believe that not all that glitters is gold after watching Zari’s Skype sextape.

Zari was thumped by her hubby Ivan
Zari was thumped by her hubby Ivan

Red Pepper online understands that Zari’s Skype sextape was recorded last year.

In the Skype sextape, Zari is seen satisfying herself with a Dildo.

She was heard hissing and moaning whenever she inserts the dildo in her unshaven eclipse.

Oh, oh, yeah! Moaning is a way for people to communicate or express excitement and pleasure; Zari must have had total pleasure during the Skype sex session.

Women moan as a signal to let their partner know that the sensation feels good.

Zari uttered hissing sounds and made her body move freely as if she lost control and allowed herself to be part of the sexual and satisfying experience.

The worst turnoff in the Skype sextape, Zari tops the list of the driest babes on the planet.

As she slowly inserted her dildo in the bearded eclipse, we expected to see El Niño flowing uncontrollably from her eclipse. Zari is a walking combination of Kalahari and Sahara deserts.

Her dryness confirmed that she has low libido or she was not sexually aroused.

The other turnoff was her bushy eclipse that could be mistaken as Mabira forest.

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