‘You Killed Robert Karamaji,’ Pallaso Tells Chameleone

Pius Mayanja famously known by his stage name Pallaso has assured the whole world on how his big blood brother Jose Chameleone killed Robert Karamagi.

Pius Mayanja well known as Pallaso
Pius Mayanja well known as Pallaso

“Chameleone really??? You?? !! You beat me and broke my teeth, you are the most violent and brutal artiste the whole industry knows you beat DJ Roja just recently!! ‘You Even Killed Robert Karamaji’ and Still got a break but you don’t think any human deserves a chance but your selfish self that’s why your whole family has abandoned you,” Pallaso assured Chameleone via his official Facebook page.

Pallaso further revealed that; “Chameleone you and your goons burnt and killed Robert Karamaji and i was there by your side through the whole situation but you think now is your turn to drown me oswadde !!!”

Pallaso has therefore called upon everyone with authority to make sure Chameleone pays for Karamaji’s death.

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone

“Ladies & gentle If everybody wants to use this chance to clean the industry!!! Let’s start with this Chameleone, ‘Karamaji Murderer’ because i don’t think any violent action has still reached his record of violence!!!”

Pallaso, Chameleone war escalated when Chameleone Shared a video of Pallaso beating up a yet to be identified guy.

On December 26, 2012, Robert Karamagi, 27, allegedly set himself ablaze at Jose Chameleone’s home in Seguku, Wakiso District

Karamagi died a few hours after being admitted to Mulago hospital Kampala, where medics who handled his body are yet to release the postmortem report.

Karamaji is alleged to have have set him self ablaze at Chameleone's house on December 26, 2012
Karamaji is alleged to have have set him self ablaze at Chameleone’s house on December 26, 2012

Karamagi’s mysterious demise is turning out to be a boomerang for Chameleone.

This is because Karamagi’s body on close observation, looks like he was half-dead by the time cops arrived to handcuff and bundle him onto a Police patrol truck.

Not because he had set himself ablaze, but because he had allegedly been clobbered several times, before being set ablaze, according to his family members Karamagi’s family insists that police should be fair and just in handling this matter, such that justice is duly meted out.

Below is Pallaso’s full statement


8 thoughts on “‘You Killed Robert Karamaji,’ Pallaso Tells Chameleone

  1. So we finally get to know what really happened coz everyone was saying that boy burnt himself mbu he was mad if this is true then Chameleon should not go scot free coz it was a crime committed.

  2. These Brothers have really big Problems. Pallaso if what you are saying as a witness is true, may the law deal with you too. May his Soul rest in peace

  3. what’s wrong with mayanja’s family real, better leave every thing and become fully saved and repent coz all ur fighting for, nothing u will go with.

  4. Pollaso given what u shared on face your are not a brother. Blood is thicker than water and you should stick with him regardless of your differences. Now no one is going to trust you. Think again.

  5. The police normally take too long and come out to say there was no substantial evidence to link the suspect to the crimes committed,If you check allover the Country
    you’ll find that these officers who are supposed to look for the evidences fail either due to little knowledge,lack of logistical support or corruption and set the culprits free,let justice prevail for all Ugandans equally irrespective of their status.

  6. just so tired of this pallaso boy. seeking attention yet he cant even sing. i wonder where violence is taking him.

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