Weasel’s Pregnant Wife Thumped To Coma, Rushed to Hospital

Weasel’s pregnant wife Samira Tumi has been rushed to International Hospital Kampala after she was allegedly beaten to coma by Pius Mayanja well known as Pallaso.

Weasel and his Pregnant wife Samira
Weasel and his Pregnant wife Samira

Our highly placed sources in Makindye, a Kampala suburb have revealed that Team No Sleep members led by Jeff Kiwanuka and Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso attacked Samira who was at Radio and Weasel’s Neverland house.

“They attacked her and beat her up with her body guards,” said the source.

It is not clear why Pallaso attacked Weasel’s wife who is about 8months pregnant.

Currently, Radio and Weasel are in South Africa and they will return next week.

pallaso speaks out

Pallaso Speaks Out

“What do you do when a stranger you never seen in your life attacks you and beats you with a big stick that got nails in it !!

Well then today I went to visit Jeff and got attacked and beaten by a random guy to this extent and I won’t lie I defended myself till i had this guy down and now my own brother Weasel who set this whole thing up is fooling the world …

Yes I got beat to this point with a stock by a guy that weasel and Radio set up and I fought back for my own life too and I hope the recorded video they have of me fighting back also shows this guy beating me up with a stick !!

2014 since Amaaso you have failed to stay relevant musically and now you think all these set ups you have created to tarnish my name will save that sinking ship!!

You will play all these games but i can promise you one thing the fans won’t stop demanding the music!!

I got a police case open for assault and here so find better ways of staying important my brothers than just all these fabrications and set ups !!”


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  1. This man got a mental problem he needs counselling asap. Where is their parents especially the mum. It seems none is embracing other brother for fame. If u fight your fresh and blood then what Else? Assault a pregnant is even worse.

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