We Did Not Arrest Sam Mugumya – DRC Gvt

The Congolese Deputy Ambassador to Uganda H.E Jean Pierre Masala has dismissed allegations that Sam Mugumya, an aide to former FDC President Col Kizza Besigye is under his country’s custody.

Sam Mugumya
Sam Mugumya

Last week, UPDF spokesperson Lt. Col Paddy Ankunda stated that Mugumya had been arrested in DR Congo for subversive activities. According to Ankunda, Mugumya was being investigated and would be repatriated to Uganda for trial.

But Ambassador Masala said that he is not aware that his country holding Mugumya or any other Ugandan in relation to the matter. He says he informally learnt of the development from the army spokesperson Paddy Ankunda.

“People should ask Ankunda or perhaps the Minister of Defence (Crispus) Kiyonga about that matter, they are the ones that know, we also just heard the army man on TV,” Ambassador Masala remarked amidst an imminent demonstration by FDC youth activists over the same.

FDC Youth headed by Francis Mwijukye and Moses Byamugisha on Saturday announced a protest that would lead them to the Kololo based embassy today in the pursuit for justice for their colleague.

The envoy however implored the youth to cancel the protest because it would be fruitless to petition a wrong party.

Meanwhile there was heavy deployment by police at the DR Congo Embassy and visitors were subjected to unusual rigorous scrutiny. Four patrol vehicles were deployed at the premises with over fifty policemen lazily patrolling the Kololo stretch.

Related, the FDC youth this morning held another press conference at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi and demanded the Congo government to provide information regarding Mugumya.

“We demand the Congolese government to give us information about Sam Mugumya, where he is detained, his safety and protection of his rights,” Mwijukye said.

He revealed that they have written to Uganda’s envoy to Congo Maj. James Kinobe asking for consular services for their colleague.

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  1. Now that this man s not held in D R Congo, Paddy Ankunda should explain. Justice must be done.

  2. Before you know it, the Congolese Deputy Ambassador to Uganda will be retracting his statement denying what has been written

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