UDPF Jet Crash: Residents Reject Compensation Money

Patrick Omara, a resident of Patek village in Bobi Sub County in Gulu whose two stance pit latrine and garden was damaged following a UPDF aircraft crash in September has rejected the UGX 2.5 million offered by the army as compensation saying it is too little.


Omara wants at least UGX 15 M.

On September 11th, 2014, the L-39 training aircraft crashed into Omara’s pit latrine in Patek parish 30 kilometers out of Gulu town, causing panic amongst the locals.

Omara’s garden was badly damaged by UPDF soldiers deployed to retrieve the aircraft. He reportedly lost 25 square meters of his garden, where he had planted Simsim, Banana, Pigeon Peas, Oranges and Potatoes that were due for harvest.

As a result, Omara petitioned the army leadership demanding for UGX 23M in compensation for the damage caused by the aircraft.

According to Omara, UPDF officials approached him a week ago with UGX 2.5M as compensation for the damage caused by the aircraft but he rejected the money.

Charles Odab, another resident whose 20 square meter garden was destroyed also rejected UGX 1Million that was given to him in compensation saying he wants UGX 7M

Captain Tabaro Kiconco, the UPDF Gulu airbase spokesperson says the compensation claims had been assessed but was not aware how much is of the claimants is entitled too and when the money will be paid.

Kiconco promised to get back to URN as soon as he gets information on the compensation of the residents.

Currently, Omara and members of his family ease themselves in the nearby bush because of the lack of a pit latrine.

About 10 people were using the pit Latrine. The residents say they should not only be compensated for what they lost but the time they need to cultivate their gardens.

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