SHOCKING Pictures & Video: Maid ‘Exterminates’ toddler

A toddler savagely beaten by a nanny survived the horrifying ordeal.  The video of the torture of the two year old went viral in the last few days after her father uploaded it to YouTube.


In the gory footage, a visibly disgusted Jolly Tumuhiirwe is seen using a spoon to feed the child – Arnella – by force on what looks like porridge. When the child seems to be having difficulty swallowing, she snaps out a command and blurts out: “You are crying?”


She then violently smacks the child twice in the face before proceeding to forcefully feed the child who looks visibly shaken. Perhaps due to the harsh treatment, the child throws up, drawing the full wrath of the maid.

Police has arrested the nanny. She expected to appear before a judge on December 8th 2014 to face further charges that may include attempted murder.


The father, Erick Kamanzi, an employee of a “reputable NGO in Kampala” who had reportedly released the video. He was arrested after Tumuhiirwe laid charges against him, but that police quickly changed their stance and released Kamanzi after he referred them to the video footage.


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