Report On Anti-Corruption Bill Ready For Debate

The Anti-Corruption Bill, 2013 is ready for debate, Red Pepper Online reports.

Stephen Tashobya
Stephen Tashobya

Stephen Tashobya, the chairperson of the legal and parliamentary affairs committee says the committee report will be tabled on the floor of Parliament for debate next week.

The Anti-Corruption Bill 2013 was proposed in parliament in August last year by John Ssimbwa, the Makindye East MP as a private member’s bill.  It seeks to strengthen the fight against corruption.

According to Tashobya, once passed into the law the bill will make it risky for anybody to acquire wealth through dubious means.

The Anti-Corruption Bill, 2013 seeks to amend the Anti-Corruption Act, 2009 which has been criticized as insufficient to fight corruption.

The bill seeks to mandate government to confiscate property of public officials convicted of corruption by the Anti-Corruption Court and also ensure that property placed in the names of relatives and friends of corrupt officials is traced and recovered.

The Bill defines a close relative as a person who is a parent, brother, sister, spouse (including defacto spouse and ex-spouse) daughter, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, grand-parent, or grand-child of that person whether by birth, adoption or marriage.

Tasybya says after the enactment of this Bill they will work together with the Director of public prosecution and police to enforce the Law.

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  1. It is a step forward to have such a debate but we shouldn’t be there in first place. Our morals and values should be centred by honest and love of our nation. It is how we are brought up no matter of your background. Now it is the beginning we need policies in place which is not open to political influence,manipulation and abuse and just used as tool to catch poor people and opposition. We have to support the motion and understand it is everyone’s duty to make it work. From now our political have to live and abide the law as a sign of good example. If they fail so it will be difficult for ordinarily people to act. It should be easy to implement we need to learn from Rwanda there is zero tolerance of corruption. Good luck.

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