NRM Chairman To Appoint Party Secretary General

The bearer of office of the NRM Secretary General will be appointed by the party chairman, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) has resolved.

Museveni campaining

The resolution, made in a recent meeting, is based on pointers in a 30-page document which among other issues details how the office of Secretary General in NRM has evolved over the years.  The document will be presented to the National Conference in the next sitting scheduled for December 14th.

Museveni says the office of the Secretary General needs daily supervision yet it has previously been occupied by politicians who are so much pre-occupied with constituency work.

Until recently, the office was occupied by Amama Mbabazi, who also doubled as Prime minister and Member of Parliament for Kinkizi County West. However, his reign was characterized by pressure from party members who suggested that Mbabazi was too busy to mobilize for the party.

Under the NRM constitution, The Secretary General heads the secretariat, which is charged with the responsibility of implementation of the decisions of the National Conference and National Executive Council, implementation of NRM policies, decisions, and directives on a day-to-day basis.

The secretariat also provides administrative and secretarial services to the National Conference and National Executive Council, coordinates activities of all organs of NRM and maintains a National Register of members, among other duties. The secretary general also appoints the support staff at the secretariat.

According to President Yoweri Museveni, after the NRA Liberation struggle, the responsibility of mobilization lied in the hands of national political commissars who would also be ministers without portfolio.

Reading from the document, presented to CEC, the president said after the introduction of the multiparty system, the robust structure with 57,792 NRM village committees needed undivided supervision.

“The idea was that the NPC should be in cabinet to know what is going on in the whole government so that he could ably inform the structures what government was planning for the country.

He explained that Amama Mbabazi continued to be a secretary general while holding a ministerial docket because he was deeply involved in security matters.

Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi
Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi


He added that this is the reason he appointed Richard Todwong to handle mobilization as Amama concentrated on the role of Prime Minister. He was equally concerned that Todwong is also constrained within the mobilization docket, because he too has a constituency which takes a lot of his time.

It was on the basis of the concerns that CEC members resolved to have an appointed Secretary General and Deputy to manage the day today party activities. The decision was supported and endorsed unanimously by members who argued that there was a need to end the controversy surrounding the office of the Secretary General and its bearers.

t is this point that it was formally proposed that Museveni appoints the Secretary General and key administrators at secretariat.

The President said the party had made strides in the positive direction but was still struggling to address the lack of cohesion amongst its members.

However, members who attended the meeting confided that Amama Mbabazi expressed discomfort over rumors that the delegate’s conference targeted him. He reminded the members that he was determined not to go anywhere because of his historical association with the struggles.

“The National conference is good, but what is out there is it is targeting me, I am not going anywhere,” an impeccable source quotes the former Prime Minister as saying.

Deputy Treasurer Singh Katongole reportedly lashed out at Amama saying he was taking the party back to issues which were long resolved.

Multiple sources say, Katongole challenged Mbabazi why he seemed to oppose the amendments yet he is the one who guided in the previous meeting that issues surrounding the Secretary General can only be solved by the National conference.

However, although most delegates were comfortable with the party chairman appointing a secretary general, Museveni reportedly moved to exercise some control over the party chairman.

“The chairman should propose a name or names and vetted by NEC before they are taken to the National delegates conference for approval,” a source quotes the president saying.

The meeting agreed to send the amendment to the legal committee which was recently appointed and tasked with compiling the amendments needed.

5 thoughts on “NRM Chairman To Appoint Party Secretary General

  1. “57,792 NRM village committees needed undivided supervision.”

    These so-called NRM village committees should have no political party affiliation. They should simply be Village Committees.

  2. Please if you have already decided then why bother spending all that government money and time that would be used to construct classrooms or a road. Why don’t you just send a text message to all delegates about your decision

  3. am an nrm supporter but i don’t support the idea of the sec.General being appointed by the national cman. The bollot would be the best option.
    Secondly. there are many things that need amendment in the constitution but let wait for Dec15

  4. The best solution to satisfy M7 is that of Burkina Faso, He’s trying to squeeze everyone so as to make everything favorable to him in order to hung on power. Time will tell! Who knows what may happen between now and then?

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