New Suspected Marburg Case Registered In Kasese

A day after Uganda was declared free of the Marburg virus epidemic, a fresh suspected case has been registered in the western district of Kasese.


The new suspected case was registered this morning at Kasese Municipal Health Center III.

The In-charge of Kasese Municipal Health Center III, Joreme Bwenge, said the suspected victim was picked by health workers and is now isolated at the health centre.

He said samples taken from the patient have been sent to the Uganda Virus Research Institute in Entebbe for Laboratory test.

The case sent residents of Kisagazi cell, in Nyamwamba Division, Kasese town in total panic.

The chairperson for social services Kasese Municipal Council, Robert Donney tried to contain the situation by calling in a number of district health workers who begged the residents to remain calm and vigilant.

The wife to the victim identified him as Lozio Bithaka, a resident of Kanyangeya ward currently renting in Kisangazi. She narrated that he returned home around 6:00am in the morning but at about 7:00am, started spewing and his vomit contained blood. He also had a fever.

Health ministry and the World Health Organisation declared Uganda free of Marburg, an Ebola-like viral hemorrhagic fever on Tuesday.

The declaration came after a 42-day surveillance period since the death of a health worker who contracted the virus and died at Mengo Hospital, Kampala. This included a period of isolation for those with whom he had come in contact.

During the surveillance period, 197 people, mainly health workers and relatives who were in contact with the victim were placed in isolation. Eight of them developed symptoms similar to Marburg, but they tested negative for the virus.

An outbreak of Marburg in 2012 killed nine people out of the 18 infected people.

Marburg virus has symptoms similar to Ebola, beginning with fever and weakness and often leading to internal or external bleeding, organ failure and death.

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