Bad Romance: Idris Chucks Ellah After Bonking Her

Ellah said it herself when she cited Lady Gaga and called her relationship with Idris a “bad romance”. 


In the very early hours of the morning, as they huddled under the covers as they have been apt to do over the last few days, Idris told Ellah that he did not wish to pursue a relationship with her.

Having set his sights back on Goitse, this did not come as much of a surprise.

However despite ending it with Ellah, for all intents and purposes, he was not keen on letting her leave the bed. Every time she tried to get up, he pleaded with her to stay, bringing another pop song to mind as he begged “please don’t go.”

Ellah kept insisting that she should go, but Idris’ insistence was just as adamant.

She could not help wondering if he just felt sorry for her, but instead he said he felt sorry for himself. As much as he may have been jesting, it was probably not far from the truth as he brooded over his failed relations with Goitse.

Not content with the bewildering state of their relationship Ellah eventually tore herself away from Idris and headed downstairs to chat about her confused feelings with Butterphly.

Later this morning, after snatching a few hours’ sleep, she looked much happier and sang lustily while washing the dishes and found the energy to twerk with JJ.

Idris has been very contemplative since his mother came to visit him in the house, ruminating over his relationships with the ladies.

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