Commotion As Flying Squad Recovers Kagingo’s Official Vehicle

Commotion ensued at Sarah Kagingo’s Muyenga when plain clothed policemen went to recover her official vehicle.  

Sarah Kagingo
Sarah Kagingo

Kagingo has been working in state house as the presidential assistant for communication until recently when a battle broke out with her colleagues over the control of the state house social media platform.

As a result, Kagingo was relived of her duties. This morning, five plain clothed cops from the Flying squad led by Geoffrey Onume forced their way into Kagingo’s residence to recover her official Pajero vehicle registration number UG 2273C.

Her lawyer Nicholas Opiyo asked the police officers to prove they had been authorized to take the vehicle and why they were appearing to be using force when his client hadn’t refused to return the vehicle.

Onume reportedly showed Opiyo a copy of a letter dated November 6th signed by Lucy Nakyobe, the state house comptroller asking the Flying Squad to recover the car.

According to the letter, Nakyobe claims that they had tried to recover the vehicle from Kagingo in vain.

However, the Cops refused to give Opio and her client a copy of the said letter. Opiyo condemned the manner in which, the Cops stormed his client’s residence saying it was uncalled for.

Opiyo says that it is irregular that no official communication was made to his client to return the car- which he says has been redundant for the last few months, before they resorted to the use of force.

He says that this is the second time Flying Squad is coming to his client’s house to take the car since they came the first time and deliberately left it behind.

Opiyo also questions how it is the work of the Flying squad to recover the car saying that even the decision to send the flying squad which handles violent crimes was in bad faith.

He says that it should have been the work of traffic police or the inspector of vehicles and not the Flying squad to recover a vehicle that wasn’t stolen.

But Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson doesn’t see anything wrong with what the police officers did. He says that Kagingo ought to have handed over the vehicle when she left the job saying that it is every employee’s responsibility.

He told URN in a phone interview that police assistance is only sought when peaceful means fail. Enanga explains that, Nakyobe wrote to the IGP asking police to intervene and retrieve the vehicle from Kagingo.

According to Enanga, Nakyobe said, the car had been given to Kagingo when was handling the state house media assignments and was required to hand it over upon suspension.

He claims that, Kagingo refused to cooperate with the police officers leaving them without any option but to force themselves inside her premises.

Both Kagingo and her lawyers say that no one had ever asked for the vehicle. Kagingo has also on many occasions said that she has never received any letter of termination although she admits she didn’t receive any appointment letter either.

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