Bugiri Pupil Punches Classmate To Death After They Failed To Agree On Who Should Enter Toilet First

Bugiri Police are hunting for a 13-year-old pupil accused of punching his classmate to death following a misunderstanding on who should enter the toilet first.

The incident occurred on Friday at around 10 am during break time. The suspect’s identity has been withheld because he is a minor, while the deceased is 12-year-old Fatina Namaganda, a former pupil of Frontline primary school in Busini village, Muterere Sub County Bugiri district.

Peter Mwima, the area LC I chairperson says that two pupils engaged in a fist fight when they disagreed on who should access the school toilet first.

He says that, during the fight the suspect over the deceased and punched her several times in the abdomen.  At first, the teachers looked on as the two exchanged blows but later tried to separate them only to find Namaganda breathing her last.

Mwima says the school administration has been reluctant to discipline unruly pupils. Godfrey Musimami, the officer in charge operations Bugiri central police station says they have picked up Patrick Etyang, the school head teacher for negligence.

Musimami said the head teacher is to soon appear before court answer charges of negligence that resulted in the death of a pupil. He also said they were still hunting for the suspect to face justice.

However, said that he was away visiting a friend when the two pupils fought. He says the suspect took off into hiding immediately after the incident.

A post mortem report signed by Doctor Samuel Isabirye at Bugiri main hospital indicates that the deceased died of internal bleeding resulting from the blows inflicted on her during the fight.  Her body was also found with three deep cuts on the head and abdomen.

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  1. The school administration should be held accountable, first by looking- on as minors were engaged in a fight. Secondly from the story its clear that the number of toilets/latrines is not enough and worse still boys and girls seem to share the same toilet??? This does not meet minimum standards for public toilets ..I will not be surprised if this is either a “private” or UPE school.

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