BBA Hotshots: Stella Nantumbwe Survives Eviction

Yesterday evening, Uganda’s only representative in the ongoing Big Brother Hotshots Stella Nantumbwe survived eviction

Stella Nantumbwe
Stella Nantumbwe

Ella was up for eviction with Butterphly, Frankie, Nhlanhla, Permithias and Trezagah.

She was saved by votes from Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Frankie became Rwanda’s second housemate to be evicted after Arthur was given his marching orders last week.

The second housemate to receive the boot was Nambian musical maestro Permithias.

The man of many talents was finally handed his marching orders after a fourth appearance on the nominations list.

This time around Africa did not save him and this spelled the end of the road for this entertaining guy of diverse influences.

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  1. Lets continue saving Ellah, she is making us proud. Atleast she has been decent and behaved so well despite the pressures in the house. The other ladies in the house seem to be threatened by her and keep nominating her but we continue to support her

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