Spear Survives Nasty Accident

Former Club Rouge owner, Spear Abowe on Sunday missed death by a whisker when his Toyota Premio veered off the road and crashed beyond repair.


According to an eye witness account, the tragic accident happened last Sunday at around 10am at Sanga along the Mbarara – Masaka highway.

“The car valued at shs. 45M was written off but Spear miraculously survived and continues to recuperate at his home in Kampala,” a close pal said.

Our bar-hopping snoops have since reported that Spear was the previous night (Saturday) spotted in Mbarara town gulping all tribes of whisky including Black Label and attribute the accident to driving under the influence of alcohol.

“He could have been in an alcoholic comma since he visited several hangouts in town like Vision Empire, Vegas and Nikos till morning before setting off for Kampala; it’s highly possible that he dosed off at Sanga,” snoops said.

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  1. Get well soon Chief.Am only wondering, and i stand to be corrected if there Toyota Premios valued at 45m ugx

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