Should We Be Reminded Of Etiquette?

To begin with, we can define etiquette as the customary code of polite behaviour in society.

Slim Emcee[UG]the poet
Slim Emcee[UG]the poet
Now that September has come to an end, one might as well say that the year is ending. What is shaming and at the same time sad, is that some people seem to be static when it comes to their etiquette.

As my grandmother used to say; there is no smoke without fire, I have been observant and trying hard to study various individuals and how they conduct themselves and today I feel it is important to share with you.

As an artist, I have attended a number of these and many of the times you look at people and wonder why they behave the way they do.
Many have complained about dirty toilets whenever such events are happen. Do we know that it is people without etiquette who stand on top of the toilet seats? Funny enough, that they are avoiding STDs and STIs by stepping on the toilet covers.
When it comes to toilet tissue, some one runs away with a whole roll and you wonder whether they grew up from a decent family or a bush though I believe that even the wild animals to in the bush would never conduct themselves that way.

You invite people for a house party and all they do is to leave your entire space messed up. Please mess things up only when you are asked to.

Have you attended weddings and other parties to see how people fight for food and drinks?
You wonder whether people have food at their homes, or they had something before they showed up. What is even shaming is that some go ahead to complain, or fight. How can you fight for food on an even that they haven’t organized?
I hate to say; “wise up but at the same time I feel it is the right advise”.

To some people, I wonder whether greeting others is something hard, or they have to be reminded to do so. I am sure you know of those individuals who never greet anyone. This might be an issue of etiquette. Till someone opens up to them about their behaviour, to them it might remain the best thing to do.

For those that spit in public, I am still trying to figure out the right advice to give you because I don’t know whether you overstand where you saliva should be or not.
If you want to spit, find the appropriate space to do so. Now some people think that the suitable space for them to do so is the toilet and all they do is to map the toilet with their saliva. As you do so, forget not that the toilets are cleaned by humans like you and they don’t enjoy looking at your saliva.

For those of you that chew in public, I will open up to you today to check your etiquette. Someone is speaking to you and they are showing you their food or gum. Know where and how to chew. I am not sure whether it is a good thing for example to be in a workshop and you are chewing.

Pulling sandles and shoes. This is not part of fashion I guess. Don’t make people generate great hatred towards fashion. If you know that you are wearing sandles, don’t try to make funny sounds with them or lift all the dust. If you bought a new shoe, congratulations but at the same time don’t do such to call for attention.

There are people with a rotten language. It is high time you overstood that not everyone enjoys for example your vulgar language. At the same time, I don’t think that earns anyone respect. Learn how to communicate with people and every other living things. Do not call people like you are calling animals.

Sneezing, coughing and other acts within those lines. Please move with a handkerchief and a clean one I must say. (I wonder if some people remembered the spelling of the word handkerchief). While coughing, hold your mouth especially now with conditions like bird flu and Ebola. Stop sneezing and afterwards you rub on the walls, restaurant table cloth and other materials.

From the toilet, please wash your hands before you greet us. This has nothing to do with you passing any germs onto us. Think about it. Do you think it is the best thing to do.

Some people expect others to remind them to shower, change clothes if dirty, brush their teeth after meals and when they wake up in the morning. Soon you will be told how you should shut up for good while in public. You can do something and you can do better.

For the fashionistas, it might be fine to wear any kind of garment that you prefer but at the same time, I am not sure whether it is fun showing off your under garments. The fact that they are called “under” please keep them to yourselves. Let those be known by you.

For the smokers, please know where to do so and bare in mind that there are individuals that have issues with being passive smokers or the smoke itself.

Allow me to end here by saying; etiquette should live with us and be in us.
There are many other aspects that I didn’t look at. If you are interested, you can contribute by commenting.

Opinion by Kabubi Herman aka Slim Emcee[UG]the poet

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