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Reverend Julius Kyarikunda, the Parish Priest of Ikamiro Church of Uganda in Kigezi diocese has been implicated in a sex scandal. Kyarikunda is being accused of impregnating Medias Akankwasa, a Christian in his church and abandoning her together with her child.


Akankwasa alleges that in July 2013,  Kyarikunda visited her home at night to inform them about the death of their relative but her mother informed the priest that she didn’t have money for transport. As a result, the priest reportedly volunteered to give them some money for transport but said it was a his residence.

According to Akankwasa, her mother directed her to accompany the priest to his home to pick up the money to enable them travel the next day for burial. She claims that on her way back home after getting the money from the priest, he followed her up to Ikamiro playground while pestering her for sex.

Akankwasa says that she was reluctant to give in for fear of conceiving, but the priest promised to exercise some precaution since they didn’t have any protection. She says that months after she realized that she was pregnant, and informed the priest, who distanced himself.

Akankwasa claims that after delivering her baby she started reciving threats from the priest warning her against revealing their secret to anyone. According to Akankwasa despite her pleas to the police and Muko  sub county Community development officer to prevail on the priest to provide for their five month old baby have not yielded any positive results.

She wants the leadership of Kigezi diocese to intervene and rescue her and her child since government officials have turned a deaf ear. Akankwasa’s disclosure has not gone down well with Christians under Ikamiro parish.  They have called for the immediate resignation of their parish priest.

Ronald Tumuhimbise, a Christian argues that the man of God has failed to lead by example and should therefore step down immediately since they can no longer trust him.

Slyvia Kyoshabire, another member of the parish says the scandal has become a big challenge because the Christians are now questioning the ability of the man of God to lead the flock.

She asks the Diocese of Kigezi to intervene and save the church from embarrassment. She claims that the newly born baby resembles the embattled priest and that there are high chances that he might be responsible.

But Reverend Kyarikunda, the embattled Priest denies any wrong doing and says he is a victim of witch hunt.

Reverend Justus Twinomujuni, the Archdeon of Nyaruhanga Archdeaconry which Supervises the Parish says that the church has not kept a deaf ear to the matter. He says there are efforts to resolve the situation and stop the confusion resulting for the sex scandal involving the priest.

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