PHOTOS: ‘Yellow Pigs’ Are Back!!, They Have Been Dropped On Kampala Road

Yellow Pig protests are back in town.


They have been dropped on Kampala Road near Watoto church this morning.


The yellow, light green painted pigs were putting on a hat that resembles the famous design of President Museveni’s hat.


Sources have confirmed that two people have been arrested by police in connection with the yellow pig protests.


The Police later got the pigs off the streets and took them to Central Police station.


A few months ago, two youths, Norman Tumuhimbise and Robert Mayanja, beat security at the main gate of parliament and sneaked in two yellow painted piglets in a demonstration against youth unemployment and rampant corruption in the country.





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  1. Shame to hopeless Ugandans, always discuss what will help you and productive issues other than disturbing the peace of pigs? Please fellow Ugandans, think, plan out side the box not all the time carrying Pigs. may GOD bless you.

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