Obama Salutes M7 Over Fight Agianst Terror

US President Obama (L) and President Museveni
US President Obama (L) and President Museveni

United States President, Barack Obama has praised government efforts in the fight against terrorism and pledged to support similar efforts.

This was contained in congratulatory message issued by the US Secretary of State, John Kerry on behalf of Obama on Thursday as Uganda celebrated its 52nd Independence anniversary.

“Your government is an important partner in the fight against terrorism,” the statement read in part adding, “We greatly appreciate Uganda’s efforts to address the threat posed by the Lord’s Resistance Army and your vital contribution to the African Union Mission in Somalia.”

Uganda contributes the lion’s share of troops to the Africa Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) that has been engaged in a successful war against al Qaeda linked islamists, Al Shabab. Similarly, the Ugandan army is embedded in the Central African Republic (CAR) hunting for Joseph Kony, the elusive leader of the LRA.

All these military missions receive support from the United States and it goes without saying that the latter leads the global fight against terrorism.

In his message, Obama while recognizing Uganda’s leadership place in the region, pledged to support Uganda in her role of promoting democracy, peace and human rights in the region.

“East Africa looks to Uganda for leadership. We continue to encourage your role in promoting democracy, human rights, and peace and prosperity throughout the region. The United States stands ready to support your efforts to achieve these objectives.

Uganda and the United States enjoy a splendid diplomatic relationship.



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