Mugabe Is a ‘Pastor’ Anointed By God, Says Grace

Zimbabwe First lady Amai Grace Mugabe and hubby follow proceedings at previous Independence Day celebrations.
Zimbabwe First lady Amai Grace Mugabe and hubby follow proceedings at previous Independence Day celebrations.

ZIMBABWE PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe is a “pastor” who constantly prays for his country, according to his wife Grace.

The First Lady made the stunning claim while addressing about 300 pastors and their wives who had visited her children’s home in Mazowe to pray for her.

Grace claimed she therefore considered herself as a “Mai Mufundisi” because her husband is a “man of God endowed with wisdom” who had been anointed from heaven.

“President Mugabe is a pastor; when he speaks, I think when you hear him speak, you can hear that he is ordained by God,” she said.

“He is a pastor. Ana Mai Mufundisi muri pano, I am one of you.”

Mugabe is a devoted Catholic. Reports say he still attends weekly Mass in Harare.

But this is the first time that he has been granted the title “pastor”.

Grace told the church leaders that Zimbabwe was extremely fortunate to have Mugabe as president.

“I think that he is the only gift from God that Zimbabwe has. He is the biggest gift that we have,” she said to applause from the church leaders.

“His wisdom is great. I am talking of a person I know, he is a blessed person with a vision that is why I managed to (build this orphanage).”

Speaking at the same occasion, the leader of the Zion Christian Church, Bishop Zephania Mutendi, saluted the freedom of worship that is found in Zimbabwe.

He said the proliferation of churches is a result of indigenisation which he said should filter down to all aspects of life including culture.

Grace said she needed prayers as she takes up her new role as head of the Zanu PF’s women’s league.

“I know you have been praying for us, I want to make a request to you, kindly pray for me as I start to campaign,” she said.

“I have done two rallies so far but I still have eight more. I really need your prayers for God’s wisdom so that I may lead the women of this country under his guidance.”

The First Lady has been holding gatherings dubbed “Meet the People Rallies” where she is outlining her vision as the incoming women’s league boss.

In their requests to the First Lady, the pastors said they wanted to be considered for farms and be given stands to prepare for their retirement from the ministry.

In response, Grace said she will take their pleas to Mugabe as long as they joined Zanu PF and encouraged their members to buy party cards.

“I have heard your request, I will take it to the relevant authorities but I have one condition.

“I am now the women’s league leader and my task is to grow the membership of the party.

“I therefore have a small request that I want you to do for me, go and buy Zanu PF membership cards. Is that not fair?” she said to applause.


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