Mengo Disappointed With Government Over MOU

Buganda Kingdom is disappointed with government over its failure to implement issues highlighted in the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed one year and one month ago.


Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga has come out to note Mengo Government’s disappointment with the central government saying that one year after an MOU was signed between the two, the central government has not come out to fulfill what was agreed upon in the memorandum.

Mayiga noted this in an open session in his meeting with Members of Parliament under the umbrella body, the Buganda Parliamentary Caucus at Bulange Mengo.

To begin with, Mayiga denied what has commonly been known as an MOU between Government and Buganda Kingdom saying that this was not an MOU but rather an agreement signed between the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mutebi and Government.

Mayiga said he wanted to clarify that the two parties had signed an agreement and not an MOU. He defined it as an agreement between the government of Buganda and the Kabaka of Buganda because in law, Kabaka is the corporation sole of the Kingdom of Buganda or legal personality.

He further clarified that the agreement is not between President Museveni and Kabaka Ronald Mutebi but rather between Uganda Government and the Kabaka of Buganda.

On the achievements of the Kingdom in the agreement with government, Mayiga noted a few achievements citing government return of 212 land titles by government which are still being reviewed by Buganda Land Board (BLB), and 4 billion shillings payment from government.

He however noted that there are key things in the agreement that government is silent about citing that Buganda Kingdom availed government with an evaluation of land on which King Fahad Plaza sits on Kampala Road, an evaluation of Mutesa House in London, Four Ssekabaka Mutesa’s cars in London and many other land titles.

He added that the Kingdom still demands land in cities (Kibuga land) and many other thing which are not yet given back to the Kingdom.

Mayiga noted that he hopes to meet President Museveni in a few days to remind him of the issues in the agreement urging Members of Parliament from Buganda to also push and demand from government these properties.

Among the key things in the 1st August 2013 Agreement between Kabaka Mutebi and Uganda Government included the return of Masaza and Magombolola Land, return of Markets in Buganda, Compensation for Plot 52 on Kampala Road, Muteesa House in London and the Kingdom’s shares in UEB and East African Breweries.

Others included payment of 20billion shillings and letting the Kabaka of Buganda enjoy his Constitutional right of visiting any part of Uganda.

On the Constitutional Amendments, Mayiga told MPs to support amendments that favor the interests of the Kingdom and that recognize the Kabaka of Buganda as the King of Buganda.

He directed Buganda MPs to push for sharing of Power in a Federo System when the Constitutional amendments are tabled in Parliament.

Mayiga further urged MPs to support the protection of the Kingdom’s land and boundaries telling them to put this at the fore front while deliberating on the Constitutional amendments.

Buganda Parliamentary Caucus MPs led by their chairperson Godfrey Kiwanda Ssubi had gone to meet the Premier to discuss various issues including the implementation of the agreement between the central government and the Buganda kingdom, constitutional reforms the Kingdom wishes to push for and others.

At a certain point press where sent out and the Premier together with the MPs engaged in a closed door meeting.

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