Mbabazi Supporters Cleared Of Arson Charges

The Chief Magistrate court sitting in Kanungu has dismissed a case of arson against supporters of former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.

mbabazi supporters

Those cleared of the charges include; Kanungu district NRM vice chairperson Ali Rugomwa, David Turyatemba 37, Drake Atukunda 51, and Aziz Namanya.

Rukungiri Chief Magistrate Mackey Ajiji said that the State had failed to produce sufficient evidence incriminating the trio before he dismissed the case.

The three had been accused of setting ablaze Western Amusement Park belonging to Benson Karabareme, the secretary of Kihihi traders association.

Karabareme alleged that his restaurant and other investments were burnt down by pro-Mbabazi supporters who were upset by his endorsement of President Yoweri Museveni’s sole candidature in July at a rally held at Kihihi High school playground.

On that day, Karabareme handed a yellow painted wooden chair to president Museveni and stated that the people of Kanungu had endorsed a proposal for his sole candidature.

He had alleged that the trio set ablaze the amusement park after a bitter argument with him over his endorsement of President Museveni as the party’s sole candidate in the 2016 general election.

Ali Rugomwa, the Kanungu NRM Vice chairpersonsaid that the case against him was only a political witch hunted, for openly backing Mbabazi presidential ambitions.

President Museveni sacked his longtime confidant a month ago following allegations that he was using party structures to secretly mobilise and outs him

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  1. But why did the prosecutor or the DPP prefer charges if they knew that the charges were not sustainable? Next time they should do better!

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