Katsha Crowned Mr. Uganda In South Africa

South African based Ugandan tycoon Shaffic Katumba famously known as Katsha was over the weekend crowned Mr. Uganda at the Starqt Awards ceremony.

Katsha's Car that was awarded as the best car
Katsha’s Car that was awarded as the best car

At the awards ceremony, Katsha scooped two awards which were; Mr. Uganda and Best car Owner.

Upon receiving the award of Mr. Uganda, Katsha thanked everyone who voted him.

Katsha in company of his friends at the event
Katsha in company of his friends at the event

“My inner strength and self respect is getting stronger every day. Thank you to those who tried to bring me down. You made me who I am today. And Thanks to everyone who voted me @theStarqt Awards,” said the flamboyant Software engineer.

Katsha receives his award
Katsha receives his award

Katsha is a well known Uganda who loves hanging out and making new friends.

Last Year in December, he organized a Sushi party at the Kabalagala based Club Venom.


Recently he donated over 1200 dollars to the wale wale singer Jose Chameleone towards his One man one million concert.


7 thoughts on “Katsha Crowned Mr. Uganda In South Africa

  1. Hehehehe, short and stout as a safety pin, with a protruding belly, extra ordinarily large grin, Katsha w’d be mistaken for shrek. Are there no Ugandan hunks in S.Africa ?????

      1. Ty’s relatively brief too, Mary. tho he’s sorta cute faced. I agree that its not Dick’s place to insult Katsha’s looks, but Katsha is very local and unlikeable; Kasolo also regularly lives up to his moniker; he’s basically a Prick. so there, lighten up; it’s all lighthearted meaningless banter intended to offend, and (for those who care) hate on Katsha the sham mulogo.

  2. Software Engineer my foot..remotely running Hadoop MapReduce codes ??? thats a Sangoma.Between his too SHORT to even qualify or be shortlisted for the line up. Money talks

  3. Its the chics in the pix I feel sorry for, mostly… Poverty bannange?!!? Poverty reduces you to keeping company with monied losers like this one…. How many of these chics would stay if he was simply some swahaba called Swaibu? unless…….. no, its a family paper, so I’ll say no mo, but you dirty minds get it..

    chics should learn to make their own money, using ONLY their brain; they’ll be shocked at how well (even better than many dudes) they’ll fare… just look at the last pic…. abawala bakwaasa ekisa bambi….

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