Kadaga Blames Government for Poor Health Care Services

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga says the Central government is to blame for poor service delivery at health centers across the country.

Speaker Rebbeca Kadaga
Speaker Rebbeca Kadaga

Kadaga says MPs have for the last five years demanded that the central Government lift a ban on recruitment of more health workers and increase salaries of medics but in vain.

Figures from the Ministry of Health indicates that the country has only 37,368 health workers. Of these, 8,978 are nurses, 4,535 are midwives, and only 1,118 (3 per cent) are doctors. Data also indicates that nursing assistants still form a big number of the health workers–6,371 (17 per cent).

The World Health Organisation says Uganda’s doctor-to-patients ratio of 1.8 health workers per 1,000 people, is low even by African standards. And yet in 2012, the government slapped a ban on recruitment of health workers.

Speaking at the opening of two medical camps at Kinoni health center four in Rwampara county Mbarara district, Kadaga attacked members parliament for not been supportive of her quest to have more money allocated to the health sector.

Mbarara Municipality MP Dr Merdard Bitekerezo, asked government to inject money in heart clinics as heart diseases is on the increase in rural areas.

Bitekerezo claimed that 80 percent of elderly people living in rural Uganda have been diagnosed with heart related complications in recent years but cannot afford the required treatment and care in private health facilities.

The medical camp is organized by Mbarara University of Science and Technology

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  1. After thirty years, they have not managed and may never manage. We just need change

  2. It is high time someone is that position said it. Ms Kadaga you are brave and hopefully it will be taken on board. Our health services have suffered a great deal to an extent of non existence. No medicine,staff and structures in place to deal with demand of ever growing population. However she should stop authorising trips which top officials use as a loop to go abroad with their families for private treatment. If that stops then they will have to do something on our rotten hospitals.

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