Club Silk Sold

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  1. Ohh bambi ! Sekyanzi has really struggled to keep this club going for years ! He deserves some sort of medal ! I remember in the early 90s when some of us hardcore hip-hop lovers only had club Silk as our “savior”. By then the Silk Jam on Tuesdays was Silk’s most popular night on which they strictly played hip-hop. I remember Angenoir used to play the common man’s music (Zouk, Lingala, Jamaican stuff and a few catchy American hits), and used to attract a full house every night. Silk stood with us and played the music we loved even if they did not attract as much of a crowd.

    In hind sight I now think that perhaps Sekyanzi’s plans didnt depict much business sense, but still I really respect him for standing up for the culture and not being in it for just the money. Recently I understand Silk has become just a regular club playing the same stuff that a small unknown club in Kanungu would play. I’m sure thats good for business, but I will forever respect Sekyanzi for being the reason why Ugandans know such people (or groups) as Krs-one, Onyx, Rakeem, Nas, Doggy Dogg, 2Pac, etc. We probably would never have known about them if not for Sekyanzi and club Silk. Long live Sekyanzi.

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