US Rewards Gen. Wamala

United States Army has awarded Uganda‘s chief of Defence Forces (CDF)  Gen Katumba Wamala for his illustrious military career with mention in their Hall of Fame.

Uganda's Chief of Defence forces Gen. Katumba Wamala
Uganda’s Chief of Defence forces Gen. Katumba Wamala

Wamala was inducted in the Hall of Fame by the US Army War College in Pennsylvania in recognition for being at the pinnacle of Uganda Army.

Wamala is the fourth General in Africa to be inducted through the Hall of Fame and the first in East Africa.

According to UPDF’s spokesman Paddy Ankunda only those that have passed through the war college and risen to the helm of their militaries are inducted.

Ankunda said, the award is a clear recognition of the discipline and professionalism of the UPDF which has been the cornerstone of the army.

He said, the recognition was both for Wamala and would act as an inspiration for other officer s in the army.

“This is a recognition that our military has continued to be professional, we now have in our ranks to generals who can attain the highest status of the United States standard,” he said.
He said Wamala’s award elevates him and the army for the role played in regional peace building.

Uganda’s military has won admiration for bring peace to Somalia which had for more than twenty years failed to have a stable government.

He said it was also a vote of confidence from the United states that UPDF has attained prowess in the military realm.

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